5 Luxury Goodies That Would Make a Goat Proud

From www.justluxe.com by Mila Pantovich
5 Luxury Goodies That Would Make a Goat Proud

The Chinese New Year is the first day of the lunar month and is celebrated in a very big way over the course of 15 days. Starting on February 18, this year marks the Year of the Goat (or sheep), which is typically the most likable animal on the Chinese lunar calendar, because it is gentle and calm— Julia Roberts was born in the year of the goat and who doesn't love her?

The holiday, which is also known as the Spring Festival, is one of China's most important social and economic occasions. Sure, honoring the family and feasting on tons of traditional foods hold big roles, but the event is also about gifts. Not only does the type of gift matter, but how it's presented is equally as important. So what do you give? Though gifting money in a traditional red envelope is always an option, we found some brands that have brought a little luxe to the Spring Festival. According to Business of Fashion, last year Chinese shoppers spent nearly $61.13 billion on luxury products worldwide, so these brands certainly know what they're doing. 

Year of the Goat iPhone 6 Photo Credit: Goldgenie

Gold iPhones are nothing new nowadays, but this one from Goldgenie is a limited edition version that has the Chinese symbol of the goat hand-painted on the back. Embellished in 24K gold and limited to only 99 units, the smartphone doesn't have a SIM card and is factory unlocked so you can use it with any network. Plus, it comes with full clear-coat body protection to keep it safe from scratches. And since presentation matters, the iPhone comes in a cherry oak box that includes in-ear headphones, a USB cable, and a USB power adapter. It is available in either 64GB (£2,637; $4,016) or 128GB (£2,837; $4,320).

Patrón Spirits Limited-Edition Collector's TinPhoto Credit: Patrón Spirits

Patrón Spirits is celebrating with their limited edition red tin that holds a bottle of their Añejo tequila. Illustrated by Chinese artist Peach Tao, the keepsake box was inspired by the classic proverb "three rams bring bliss" and pictures goddesses gathered around a lotus flower—which signifies good luck. Other images include lanterns, a ship, the phoenix, and of course, a leaping goat on the lid that represents happiness and prosperity. Tao also added some artistic nods to the liquor inside by including an agave plant and the Patrón bee.

Available from fine wine and spirits retailers in select markets in the US, the collector's item retails for $54.99. 

Davidoff Cigars Year of the Sheep Limited EditionPhoto Credit: Davidoff Cigars
Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Cigars has gone all out this year, launching an entire collection of goat-inspired goodies. According to the brand, those born during the goat year are artists and lovers of beauty, harmony, and aesthetic pleasures. To please all you sensitive souls out there, they produced the piramide cigar, which is apparently the toughest type to make and allows one to adjust the taste according to the size of cut—the smaller the cut, the more intense the taste. With an end that's longer than a normal piramide, the Year of the Sheep cigar comes in a set of eight ($280), arranged in a custom-made wooden box.

Also available is a hand-made porcelain ashtray decorated with the same ram that graces the cigar label, prestige lighters, and cigar scissors. You can find the items at Davidoff appointed merchants and Davidoff Flagship Stores.

cross year of the goat pensPhoto Credit: Cross

Considering anyone born under the goat sign is supposedly creative, there's a good chance you know some writers, making the gift of a pen a pretty great idea. Cross has an entire collection dedicated to the goat, but this $475 23K Brushed Heavy Gold Plate Fountain Pen is our favorite. Hand-made, the surface features etchings that swirl to create a three goats, and it comes in a special black gift box. 

tumi luggage tagPhoto Credit: TUMI

Thanks to TUMI, jetsetters can represent this year's zodiac sign with this sleek $50 luggage tag. The exclusive design honors the classic Chinese symbol in a very understated way that would look great on many different types of bags.

Whether you buy just one of these or all five, now you definitely have some great options to ring in the new year with. 

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