24 Ridiculously Easy Three-Ingredient Vegan Recipes

24 Ridiculously Easy Three-Ingredient Vegan Recipes
From www.peta.org, by Nedelle Torrisi

24 Ridiculously Easy Three-Ingredient Vegan Recipes

Life can get hectic, but your meals shouldn’t suffer for it. Here are 24 vegan recipes—ranging from hearty meals to bite-sized desserts—that use only three main ingredients:

1. Gnocchi

Potatoes, flour, and salt are all you need to create the perfect potato dumplings, courtesy of Vegan Insanity.

Homemade-Vegan-Gnocchi© Vegan Insanity

2. Pancakes

This gluten-free recipe by Sweet Simple Vegan features oat flour, bananas, and almond milk.

Vegan 3 Ingredient Pancakes© Sweet Simple Vegan

3. Butternut squash soup

The Green Forks is here to remind us that squash is the ish.

2-Ingredient-Butternut-Squash-Soup© The Green Forks

4. Baked taquitos

Delicious soy chorizo makes our awesome vegan taquito recipe possible.


5. Blueberry coconut popsicles

The Beaming Baker nails it with this flavorful combo.

Vegan-Blueberry-Coconut-Popsicles-Gluten-Free-Dairy-Free-3-1© beaming baker

6. Mocha milkshake

Minimalist Baker has struck gold with this milkshake—just look at this gorgeous picture!

3-Ingredient-VEGAN-JAMOCHA-SHAKE© Minimalist Baker

7. Potato galette

This gorgeous galette will make any dinner table prettier.

vegan-potato-galette-600x715© The Tomato Tart

8. Apple strudel

Elephantastic Vegan knows that you can’t go wrong with the magical combo of apples and cinnamon.

Vegan Apple Strudel© Elephantastic Vegan

9. Kale chips

Our recipe for lightly seasoned kale chips is the best thing ever—and healthy, too!

10. Tofu scramble

Ceara’s Kitchen changes up the classic tofu scramble by adding pre-made bruschetta (which is available at Trader Joe’s). Genius.

Tofu-Scramble© Ceara's Kitchen

11. Fudge bites

We already knew that coconut oil is a great hack for pretty much everything, and this fudge recipe by Veggie and the Beast is further proof.

fudge bites© Veggie and the Beast

12. Ice cream

How easy is it to make vegan ice cream? It takes three ingredients and one direction—blend.

3 ingredient Ice Cream

13. Hummus

You can’t have too many good hummus recipes, especially when they’re as easy as this one by Simple et Chic.

three ingredient hummus© Simple et Chic

14. Pink dragon fruit smoothie

This smoothie will become your new morning pick-me-up, thanks to A Sunshine Mission.

pink-dragonfruit-smoothie© A Sunshine Mission

15. Crêpes

Have you been meaning to add crêpes to your breakfast recipe repertoire? Thanks to Loving It Vegan, now you can.

Vegan Crepes© Loving It Vegan

16. Gluten-free blender brownies

The Big Man’s World shows us how easy it is to whip up flourless vegan brownies.

3-ingredient-flourless-blender-brownies© The Big Man's World

17. Hash browns

These hash browns are way more than just plain potatoes, thanks to Vegan Insanity.

vegan-hash-browns© Vegan Insanity

18. Frozen chocolate banana bites

Bananas add a healthy kick to this chocolate-covered dessert.

chocolate-banana-bites© Jackie Day's My Vegan Journal

19. Red bean burgers

This mouthwatering burger, courtesy of The Veg Life! is a great go-to recipe for summer barbeques.

Red bean burger© The Veg Life!

20. Raw cinnamon rolls

Sweet Simple Vegan knows that we could all use more cinnamon rolls in our lives.

3 ingredient cinnamon rolls.© Sweet Simple Vegan

21. Mini zucchini pizzas

You can pretty much guess the ingredients of our zucchini pizza recipe—zucchinis, sauce, and vegan cheese.


22. Scones

What makes the perfect vegan scone? The Miniature Moose uses flour, sugar, and coconut milk.

3-Ingredient-Scones© The Miniature Moose

23. Aquafaba chocolate mousse

Aquafaba is magic, and The Vegan Cookie Fairy knows it.

vegan-aquafaba-chocolate-mousse© The Vegan Cookie Fairy

24. “Honey” mustard salad dressing

Making your own salad dressing is really the way to go, and Happy Healthy Life will show you how.

Vegan-dressing-honey-mustard© Happy Healthy Life

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