Zuccotti Park

Park, Plaza
117 Trinity Pl (btwn Liberty & Cedar St)
New York, NY 10006



  • Decorated with beautiful white lights during the holidays. The park is also illuminated with lights built into the ground.
  • PHOTO: NYPD arrest and pepper spray protesters during Occupy Wall Street march. Photo at the link!
  • Wide open space now available. Wall street unoccupied!
  • Sam's Falafel, the best tasting and most affordable sandwich in NYC. Sit and eat on obsocky terrace seats and watch Lower Manhattan pass by under the shadow of the once and future World Trade Center.
  • FACT: The park was named after an Italian-American businessman, John Zuccotti, who was a former NYC Planning Commission chairman & a former first deputy mayor. Read about Italian NY'ers on MetroFocus
  • I'm not protesting, just enjoying the park :-)
  • PHOTO: A core group of protesters in the center of the camp are surrounded as the NYPD and sanitation department prepared to raid Zuccotti Park, November 15, 2011. Photo at the link!
  • This is not a park! It's a square..
  • A member of the Johnson & Johnson health and beauty empire family, J. Seward Johnson is known for his life-size bronze casts of actual people doing ordinary things. A philanthropic over achiever...
  • Unpreoccupied
  • Great place to sit, relax and take in locals playing various table games, kill time while waiting to get into the 9/11 Memorial, lots of street meat and ice cream nearby!
  • Take 5 minutes to occupy your own little spot of NYC.
  • PHOTO: Graham Nash and David Crosby provide some spiritual power to the people at Zuccotti Park with protest hymns, including "Teach Your Children" and "Military Madness." Photo at the link!
  • This is a great place to hang out on a summer night - clean and not too noisy for the location. Pick up some halal or ice cream nearby.
  • Cute little park. Nice to just sit and people watch.
  • New york city is blooming!
  • Avoid the street food - it is gross and over priced
  • Caught the guy mopping the tables with a old used mop. Makes you think twice about eating or resting on it.
  • So peaceful :)
  • Nice park, just show the police your corporate id and they let right in..

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