Your Dekalb Farmers Market

Row 1

3000 E Ponce de Leon Ave (at Laredo Dr)
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 377-6400
Farmer's Market, Grocery Store, Bakery
Mon–Sun: 9:00 AM–9:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Your Dekalb's Farmers Market was once owned by two brothers. But after a family fued, one decided to open up his own store: Harry's (which is now Whole Foods).
  • As the first private farmers market of its kind in Georgia, its reputation in the industry is as a pioneer in fresh food distribution to the consumer. Try the pastries! Part of our gourmand itinerary:
  • Do an ingredient experiment: buy something you've never used before, take it home, and cook something new with it.
  • Bring a jacket. It's freezing.
  • Wear your patience hats on the weekends. There's plenty for everybody!
  • heaven on earth. food from all corners of the earth. fresh, cheap produce, diverse selection of meats. a must visit. avoid saturdays.
  • You'll need shoulder pads, a helmet, & an offensive line 2 get thru here on a saturday,smh
  • Always freezing! Bring a jacket! Other than that this the best market and reasonable prices! Try something new!
  • If you're stuck coming on weekends, 9-10:30 on Sunday is your best bet
  • I'm addicted to the granola they make here!
  • Wear headphones. Please, please, please leave your kids at home, and not in the aisles randomly screaming at people. Unless you are procuring stuffs by the bushel, please, please, please just take a
  • 7pm weeknights: the only way to go!
  • Get in on those cheap spices!!
  • YDFM ROULETTE: Find something you can't pronounce, take it home and find a dish that uses it. NIGHTMARE MODE: multiple players, potluck dinner.
  • Every time you go, Pick up a Seasoning or two, and your seasonings will be complete within months.
  • Go on a weekday. It's crazy on weekends.
  • Where else can you enjoy organic coffee and a chocolate croissant, smell some fresh spices, grind your own cashew butter, and go home with a few pounds of Australian goat and live soft-shell crabs?
  • if it smells funky in one spot just go hang by the flower stand for a minute ;-)
  • You may want to check in outside. I couldn't get a signal while I was inside. Im on Verizon.
  • My favorite grocery. A true international market. Organic for less, fruits I can't pronounce and a snapshot into the world.