White Sands National Park

National Park
19955 Highway 70 West (Dunes Drive)
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 679-2599


  • Amazing! Beautiful & serene
  • Go for the full moon during the summer
  • Absolutely one of the most unique places on earth, take the time to stop and check it out
  • Photographers! Check out these vintage Documerica photos taken 40 years ago. Take a photo of the White Sands area today and share it with our State of the Environment Photo Project.
  • Visit the world's largest gypsum dune field. Check out the monument's visitor center on US 70.
  • You'll forget you're in New Mexico surrounded by mountains when you get to White Sands. Grab a saucer and some wax from the gift shop to slide down the dunes on.
  • Go on the sunset walk!!!!
  • Amazing sunsets and a beautiful view of the dunes! A great place to check off you bucket list! :)
  • To clarify: the "saucers" found here are small discs the humans use to ride the dunes. Not our kind. Fun place, though. Sand felt good between my three toes.
  • Bring plenty of water if you're going to be here for several hours, especially in summer
  • Beautiful place, the sand is so white it looks like snow. Don't stray off too far from any marked paths as it's too easy to get disoriented and lost, you could die from heat exhaustion and dehydration
  • The sunset tour starts at 6:45 and is fairly interesting from a geological perspective. Leave your shoes in the car, and grab your camera. Sensational sunsets, so go in the evenings when it's cooler.
  • Gypsum sand has no taste!
  • Make your propose special and unforgettable!
  • One of the most beautiful spots on earth. Hiking can be difficult in a white wasteland of sand. Bring lots of water and keep your compass straight.
  • awesome place! so beautiful. make sure to bring water. don't do the sunset tour...kinda boring
  • Really nice views, but not the adrenaline rush we expected going sledding. We still had a lot of fun!
  • Spectacular place. Can easily complete all spots in 2-3 hours except the alkali trail which is a 5 mile loop.
  • This place is amazing and fun for all ages. Bring water as it gets hot, but go barefoot because the gypsum sand does not get hot. Barely warm on the surface and cool beneath.
  • There is a free sunset tour every day.

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