Supermarket, Grocery Store
500 S Meadow St
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 277-5800


  • It's tough deciding why to get cause everything in the market cafe is so fucking delicious.
  • Spend as much time here as you possibly can because once you step outside the doors, life gets progressively worse.
  • Harry at the cheese ship is my favorite employee. He will do anything for you!
  • To navigate the parking lot better come in through the entrance closest to Chili's and go straight to the far side of the lot. You'll bypass pedestrian crossings and get a spot close to the entrance
  • If you need to drop off someone and wait, park on the west side of the lot, and go skip stones into the inlet.
  • If shopping with a child, arrive before 10am on weekends...maybe even 8am.
  • The staff frowns on you letting your 2.5 year old put money in the instant lottery machines... but he always picks a winner, c'mon!
  • Never noticed how nice the restrooms are, filled with Wegmans scented hand soap, of course. Conveniently located near entrance too
  • Got to love the college students that use the parking for parents with children...shows that they are still children and need their mommies to go shopping with (you know who you are yellow focus)
  • there pasta bar is awesome
  • Wings of Life salads still the best deal in the whole prepared food section - probably has been for like a decade. Yummm
  • Wegmans White Cake = heaven (best when refrigerated)
  • Very large supermarket, it has everything you need!
  • Who doesn't love Wegmans? Though can be mega crowded, there's nothing they don't have. Take out wings of life salad is awesome and subs and pizza oh and I met Albie Manzo here!
  • If you need a place to get away from it all, this is the place, minus getting away from it all
  • Gotta try the buffet
  • Wegmans is only fun at night. Love this grocery store but when it's busy WATCH OUT!
  • Best place to go if everyone in your posse can't agree on anywhere to eat, they have it all!!!
  • Don't miss the prepared foods - this is the greatest grocery chain out there!
  • I could live in this place. They have EVERYTHING. Even Red Stripe beers!

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