Washington Square Fountain

Washington Square Park
New York, NY


  • the best view in the city is from within the fountain, late at night, during/after a rainstorm. sit on the south-east ledge, you can see the fountain, the arch, 5th ave, and the empire state building
  • Original fountain installed 1852. Current fountain from 1872. 1960s city tried to stop music here. On 4/9/61 approx 500 musicians led by Izzy Young led Beatnik Riot to protest. Full history via<LINK>
  • Nuttiest squirrels in NYC.
  • The foutain is perfect for toddlers to practice their scooters and push bikes before they fill it with water. Best in the early hours. Parents are chill too.
  • This is my favorite place on the world. Treat it with respect.
  • Look northwest for the Empire State Building. Look south for the Freedom Tower.
  • When the fountain is off, stand in the very middle of the inner circular platform. Speak normally, and your voice will be amplified as it is reverted back to you!
  • Lounge, people watch, enjoy a cold drink and try not to get hustled
  • Best arrangement of water ever
  • The best fountain
  • Great accent in middle of the park
  • Classic NYC.
  • Look for the wizard.
  • Looooooveeeeee
  • No water in the winter? No problem. Plenty of performers use space as their stage.
  • Quando eu no me achei .... Parei aqui e descobri vrios estudantes ..... Incio 5 Avenida nmero 1 ....
  • Beautiful fountain with an impressive triumphal arch as a backdrop.
  • Every time I visit NYC I come here to hang out and people watch. Beautiful year round.
  • My favorite park in New York City. Great for people watching... It's full of characters.
  • Amazing place to people watch and enjoy live music

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