Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Theme Park
Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


  • Don't bring screaming babies on this ride; or to disney world at all.
  • Try not to laugh at all the unintentional innuendos in the script, and adorably outdated references in the 1990's scene.
  • Clap and sing along with the cheesy song after each scene
  • "No privacy at all around this place"
  • You have to ride it so the song is stuck in your head the rest of the trip
  • Poor Sarah's rump....err rumpus...room.
  • What the heck does that mean? No privacy? what were you expecting?
  • hahaha "car phone" "laser disk" "future"
  • You might recognize the voice of the actor in this longest running theater show. Its the same voice as the narrator from "A Christmas Story"
  • Hidden in the corner of the park, make sure to stop at the Carousel of Progress to fully realize innovation in our world. Just remember, "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!"
  • "give him a left, you big lug !"
  • please don't take pictures.
  • Nice relaxing and cool thing to sit through-a nostalgic favorite too.
  • It's so retro, it's become cool again!
  • Best ride in all of Disney! If you miss it, you missed everything of value! :D
  • "Rover, don't interrupt while Sarah's interrupting."
  • Sing A Long people! It is part of the fun!!!
  • I wish I lived across the street from Kohn's Chinese Restaurant.
  • If you want to ruin it for everybody, walk out in the middle of a scene.
  • It's not a trip to The Magic Kingdom without seeing this attraction! Pay homage to Mr. Walt Disney!

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