Walmart Supercenter

Row 1

6701 S 27Th St
Franklin, WI 53132
(414) 761-9560
Big Box Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • Nothing like middle of the night walkin around walmart.
  • Got asked out by someone twice my age, people walk really slow and are always in the way, morbidly obese people talk about being healthy, and the workers are rude. This place sucks.
  • Nice store to walkn shop, ESP in winter :)
  • This store blows there are never enough check outs open
  • Hate it here! Ghetto Fabulous!!!
  • My favorite walmart to go to . Self checkout on both end. You never wait long in line here.
  • I drive past two Walmarts to shop at this one
  • If your here at 0200 hours, watch out for ghetto mart employees outside, talking loud and vulgar ...but what else would you expect, never knew there were so many vulgar words for females. Disgusting.
  • Bathrooms are disgusting tonight...smdh!
  • Don't try to get "cash back" from your credit card on the self checkout machines
  • Nice 2 shop late
  • Live in Milwaukee, but go to this Walmart. Service isn't the best, but that's okay. Very clean, good deals, but could be better organized and have a better layout.
  • Good prices. But, negated by your vehicle being relieved of its possessions repeatedly and damage costs. Little of everything here.
  • It's well stocked for your electronic needs, but staff is very uneducated in the product they are selling. Very limited info is given if any!
  • If you shop here, you've already thrown in the towel. Why are you reading this?
  • The best place to bring your four year old at 1am when you're doped up on lord knows what. Don't be suprised when people look at you funny for leaving your purse and phone in a cart unattended.
  • Horrible service at site to store...waited 15 mins in line behind a person in a wheelchair it wasn't til my husband went to get someone that the person at customer service finally called someone
  • They need better employees who are trained well enough to handle situations. There was a faulty beer box and my boyfriend dropped it while trying to find a cart and the lady made us clean it up.
  • Good service great place to shop thay will not go out of stock
  • Only two lanes opened... RIDICULOUS