Walking Tour Of Towson

Walking Tour Of Towson
Towson is a beautiful, tree-lined college town a little north of Baltimore City, and just south of the gorgeous Loch Raven Reservoir. Besides having one of the most celebrated malls in Baltimore county, it is practically crammed with bohemian bookstores, art shops, restaurants, theaters, watering holes and coffee shops like any good college town should be. If you happen to want to take a stroll through this neighborhood, we recommend the following locations for a visit.
Towson Arts Collective
40 West Chesapeake Ave.
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 916-6340

A quaint little art gallery tucked between a line of shops and businesses, the Towson Arts Collective offers an impressive range of media framed and displayed in an attractive minimalist style. TAC actively promotes local artists, showing off some of the best talent that Baltimore has to offer. Any visitor to drop in at the Arts Collective is almost certain to meet a local artist, as the Collective is always working to bring artists and the public together. Additionally, TAC offers a variety of arts activities to visitors, including activities geared specifically to children. Drop into the Arts Collective, enjoy the displays and pick up some prints for yourself.

Prospect Hill Cemetery
701 York Road
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 252-8462

A cemetery might seem like a depressing place to take a stroll, but Prospect Hill is actually quite the opposite. A green oasis in a busy city, Prospect Hill is maintained like a park – full of gardens, hedges and trees – making a leisurely walk rather enjoyable. Many of the graves are works of art in themselves; and there is a great deal of history to be gleaned from the surroundings. On a walking tour of Towson, the historic and hallowed grounds of Prospect Hill are a must-see.

Goucher College
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204
(410) 337-6000

Unlike the much larger Towson University, Goucher College is quaint campus full of spacious lawns, stonework buildings, fountains and objets d’art. A stroll across the campus – which is open to the general public – can be rewarding all by itself, however Goucher is packed with public activities. The college has two separate art galleries – the Silber and the Rosenberg – each of which is perpetually in the process of displaying a new and unique set of exhibits. In addition, Goucher is always abuzz with activities open to the public; both educational and entertaining. If you check into it ahead of time on the events page, your visit to Goucher can be enriching indeed.

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Cinemark Movie Theater
111 East Joppa Road
Towson, MD 21286
(410) 828-1217

Opened in July 2014, the Cinemark Movie Theater in Towson is a movie experience like no other. From the outside, the theater resembles a cross between a high-class mall and a luxury hotel, with its vast patio complete with fountain and its high-domed glass ceiling. The lobby inside is a luxurious terminal with a broad staircase leading from the first-level lobby up to the second level, and an escalator rising to the third-level lobby. After a visit to the food counter, guests may enjoy the self-serve food area if they so choose. The theater has its liquor license, so those who like may purchase adult beverages. Once the food and drink are taken care of, guests may choose to purchase tickets for the standard seating, or pay a bit extra for the VIP lounge – a second “reserve level” of seating that places the guest in the ideal spot for sound and viewing and the first of its kind in any US movie theater. With all of its breath-taking beauty and over-the-top amenities, the Cinemark at Towson may well be in the running for one of the best theaters in Maryland, much less Baltimore.

Baltimore County Public Library
320 York Road
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 887-6166

An impressive monolith rising high above the Towson streets, the Baltimore County Public Library is level upon level of books, art, videos, music, public computer terminals and other multimedia. Once inside, guests may take the winding ramp that rises to dizzying heights through the many levels of the library. While this bastion of education and entertainment is a bookworm’s paradise, it also has plenty to appeal to every other segment of popular culture – constantly running public events for children and adults alike. Plan your visit in advance by viewing the events page to discover what’s being offered in the form of live, public activities.

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