The Walk at JBR (الممشى في الجي بي آر)

Plaza, Pedestrian Street/Plaza
JBR Rd. (at Al Gharbi St)
دبي, دبي
+971 4 390 0091


  • Looking for family fun in the New Year weekend? Visit The Walk Festival and share the joy of the holiday season, from December 28 to January 1 at Rimal and Sadaf ground and plaza level from 2pm to10pm
  • The place is awesome. Must visit in winter not in summer. there are no solution for the traffic.
  • !! .. *wine*
  • Stop complaining about the traffic! If you can't deal with it then dump your car off JBR and walk instead. After all it's called "The Walk" for a reason!
  • Did you know that if you check-in at Saladicious you get a free cocktail of your choice? Saladicious is at Murjan ground level, a few shops before Zara Home.
  • Welcome to Jeddah beach resisdance
  • eljaw mo 6abeeee3y
  • #_
  • From Kuwait all the way;p
  • Sometimes when i feel lonely, i come here, sit in any cafe, having my drink, enjoy watching the crowded walk, small kids running, couples together.., i feel happy while watching their happy smiles.
  • JBR Walk, or the place where everybody relaxes. You meet people from Uganda to England and from Hawaii to Peru. Besides all the restaurants, cafes and lounges, this place is a multi-cultural boom. It'
  • ! ! ! !
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  • Always take a cab whenever you decided to have dinner here. Getting a parking spot could take forever.
  • They destroy it with all these buildings ! It will never be same as before !
  • Watch out for the street art! Don't miss the outdoor project 'The City is your Canvas' at The Walk from 28 January.
  • There's five Starbucks here and a billion restaurants. Check out ITSU for AYCE sushi, zaatar w zeit for Arabic food, sukh saagar for Indian vegetarian food and barbecue delights for kababs.
  • ***
  • W 3yaal elderaa klhum
  • Will miss this place 7aiiiiiiiiL 3aaaaaaaa :'''((((( i really had fun

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