Waimea Bay

Row 1

61-031 Kamehameha Hwy
Hale‘iwa, HI

Foursquare Tips

  • Legendary surfer and lifeguard Eddie Aikau patrolled the waters at Waimea Bay starting in 1968. Not a single life was lost while he was on duty, sometimes braving waves over 30 feet tall.
  • Great swimming in the summer, surfing in the winter. Big beach. Lots of room..and the famous jumping rock - you gotta do it!
  • This is simply AWESOME!!! Nothing to fear... land on your feet and you'll be just fine. The bottom is very soft sand, no rocks. You haven't lived til you've done this!!!
  • Sometimes stuff gets stolen near the rock so make sure you're with a group
  • Jump off the giant rock. no brainer.
  • One of the most beautiful places on the island. Rainbow here above the mountains..
  • Dolphins! But be respectful, just let them be.
  • Visit the Falls!! Such a tranquil place...Darren the guard is the sweetest ever...:)
  • If you go on the right day, you might see Rusty the dog jump with you!
  • My favorite beach on the entire island. Jump off the rock!
  • Only place on the North Shore where a biginner like myself can act like they know how to swim.
  • Climbing up the rock is no joke... BUT once you're up there... That Jump is Glorious!!!!
  • Just Jump :)
  • If you're thinking abt jumping and a little scared, the problem is you're thinking about it. JUST DO IT!
  • Get here early! SMALL PARKING LOT
  • Rock jumping but only in the spring/summer seasons when the water is calmer...
  • Great place to jump off a 30 foot rock into the ocean!
  • Bomb Hercules Rock!!!
  • It's hard to find a good place to swim without the high waves in Oahu, but this bay is really nice. Get here by 10 for a parking spot and brave the surf to have a great day here.
  • I loved to swim here in the summer. The waster was cool, no waves and really nice :)