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Food Truck


  • S posso dizer que sou viciado, parada obrigatria em NY, recomendo
  • Take the classic one and add the Belgian chocolate fudge. It's heaven! Even my Belgian girlfriend is was overwhelmed.
  • After 4 months in US I finally had an authentic Belgian waffle again. Its the best thing!
  • Speculoos waffle!!
  • One of the best waffles I've had! I love chocolate fillings and toppings. This is serious street food!
  • A melhor coisa que pude experimentar em NY! De comer ajoelhada! Nunca v wafles to apetitosos! Fui no foodtruck que fica na frente da ponte do Brooklyn... Pea o de banana com Nutella e enjoy!
  • Stay true to the OG classic - Brussels wafel with Nutella and strawberry.
  • Really nice. Fruits topings are so nice
  • You have to get speculous ice cream with all you dessert waffles! Or even by itself.
  • Amazing waffles! You definitely have to try it! Also you may Dowland CUPS app which you are able to use once you buy waffles. Use this coupon 6ghfp which may give you +5 $
  • With various locations throughout the city, these warm, decadent waffles will make you melt. Pick your poison: the sweet ice-cream wafel cone or the savory pulled-pork wafel. Either way, you win.
  • they have a few localisations (notably there's a food truck on the manhattan end of the brooklyn bridge); stop and have a waffle even if you think you're already full worth it
  • By far my favorite food truck in Nyc!
  • Wafels!!!!
  • The most delicious waffles I ever had.
  • Franchise!!!! Best dessert ever!!!! :-)
  • "WMD" makes me feel WEPA all the time. Always my first choice, and when I'm feeling daring, the Bacon+syrup for that sweet and savory twist
  • Give up your diet for this chocolate smothered goodness. Epic when you've got the munchies.
  • Takes credit!
  • Good food truck!

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