Row 1

2495 Truxtun Rd #100
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 758-1725

Foursquare Tips

  • Try to avoid going on a Sunday... that's when the Rock has their services, and parking and traffic is a huge pain.
  • I love this lively, welcoming place and all of its caring employees!
  • Don't come here. Evee
  • The manager is unprofesional and unethical with loss prevention. I avoid this location at all costs to avoid being discriminated against. The manager should take some tips from target...
  • Great savings when you remember your phone number.
  • ! . , . So So
  • Very interesting setup!
  • Beautiful VONS, but the service here during peak periods brings shame to the Safeway system. Seriously, they aren't staffed to handle peak demand. You would think they would adjust staffing...
  • WIC no go. And not very friendly.
  • Avoid this Vons on Sunday. It gets overcrowded with post-church service shoppers.
  • they somehow always only have 2 checkers open at the most inconvenient times, what the fuck? let the bag boy ring people up!
  • Don't come here. Ever.
  • Hit that scratch-off lottery ticket machine, son!
  • Expensive & there is always a long line...always!!!
  • Place is a rip off and the employees are lazy as heck.
  • Sundays are the worst day to come. The Rock church makes parking or just getting in and out HELL!
  • A very unique setup. Produce, meat bakery and fresh food in a separate store. Check it out
  • some workers are helpful, some are not. some are all smiles, some cant wait until you leave. so its just like every where else.
  • Shopping of course!