The grape, native to Italy, responsible for the great, long-lived red wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, and also used in such less distinguished but agreeable Piedmontese reds as gattinara, carema, and ghemme. Nebbiolo-based wines are sometimes compared to pinot noirs for their relative lightness and seductive bouquet. In Barolo and Barbaresco, these wines can seem closed and overly tannic when young, but they develop into elegant, complex expressions of their terroir, with an earthy, herbaceous, fruity character. Some nebbiolo is grown in California, Washington State, and Australia, and it has been successful in small amounts in Baja California.

Serve With

Most pasta dishes (except those with seafood, though linguine or spaghetti with clams in red sauce would be an exception), prosciutto and other salumi, simple roast meats and other simply cooked lamb and beef dishes, wild mushrooms, hearty vegetable dishes.