Urwerk's Latest Dresses Up Satellite Complications With Mahogany and Tweed

Urwerk's Latest Dresses Up Satellite Complications With Mahogany and Tweed
From www.justluxe.com, by Marissa Stempien

UR-110 Eastwood, the latest timepiece from Urwerk, offers a fun twist on their normally futuristic designs. Known for watches that look like something out of RoboCop, the updated Urwerk model is housed in a hipster wood-covered case with a tweed strap for a perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage. The inspiration for a more dapper, fashion-friendly watch came from the designer’s desire to push the envelope and work with materials they had never used before. “We wanted something crazy. Sure, some people say that our designs are already eccentric enough, but we still decided to take it one step further,” explained Urwerk co-founder Martin Frei.

Urwerk UR-110 Eastwooe

The original UR-110 won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève prize for Best Design Watch in 2011, and the Eastwood edition builds upon that heritage, telling time by using orbiting “satellite” complications. Three dials glide around the watch face in a vertically arched line, displaying an hour hand and minute indicator that runs down the right side of the watch from zero to 60. They rotate as they orbit, each satellite staying upright and displaying four numbers each, in rotational order rather than numerical order. It’s pretty clear why they won for best watch design.

Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood

Deciding to create the latest edition in wood and fabric, the brand tapped bespoke tailor Timothy Everest to offer his professional suggestions on materials. “We began discussing different tailoring methods and fabrics, eventually deciding that only the finest wool tweeds would do the trick. Known for its durability, tweed was the textile of choice for Britain’s upper class,” Everest explained. “One of the patterns Urwerk has chosen to incorporate on its strap is the original Prince of Wales check worn by the Duke of Windsor.” The Eastwood comes in two tweeds, the Macassar Ebony, a dark wood face with green, navy and yellow color scheme, and the Red Ebony, a mahogany wood with the Price of Wales check in navy, brown and cream.

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