The Unisphere

Landmark, Historic Site, Outdoor Sculpture
Flushing Meadows Corona Park (Ave of the States)
Queens, NY 11375


  • Ride around the unisphere when the sprinklers are on and cool down ^_^
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Parks stainless steel crown jewel served as the centerpiece of the 1964 Worlds Fair and was made and donated by U.S. Steel as a symbol of peace.
  • Bite the big apple
  • The Unisphere, a 140-feet high stainless steel globe, was presented to the 1964 World's Fair by United States Steel. Today, it is Queens' most recognizable symbol and a centerpiece for the park.
  • The birthplace of Stark Enterprises!!
  • PHOTO: A crane lowers the final segment of the Unisphere into place in 1963, at the link!
  • I got engaged here 4 yrs ago!!
  • The Unisphere was the featured location for Sonnet 44, performed by Kevin Brewer, directed by Sean Gannett:
  • The unisphere marks the global promise of the UN's first home, fulfilled decades later by NYC's immigrant borough. Come in Summee for the fountains, in Fall to watch kids play, skate & climb its base.
  • This popular landmark has been featured in a couple of movies, such as Men in Black! Great to go in the summertime and it's surrounded by beautiful fountains!
  • The steel used in making the Unisphere was from the top of the Empire State Building, which used to be ten feet taller.
  • Qu tal ,amigo!! como te va!!
  • #StaffPick David (External Affairs): Artist Matt Mullicans Etched Granite Pavement at the base of the Unisphere traces the history of the park from its prehistoric roots through 2 Worlds Fairs.
  • The climactic scene from "Men in Black" takes place here. Those observation towers in the distance? Maybe they're alien spacecraft...
  • Lovely to bike around. I hope the construction around the Unisphere is finished soon!
  • Cherry blossom time!
  • Conhecendo a famosa esfera do Queens!
  • Beautiful place!
  • Rincn que tenamos pendiente de visitar.
  • There are so many things to do around there and a lot of awesome food too.A good place to go and explore when the weather allows.

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