Turning Stone Resort Casino

Casino, Resort, Hotel
5218 Patrick Rd
Verona, NY 13478
(800) 771-7711



  • Stop by the Leopard Lounge on the weekends and Check out the dancers ;-)
  • The people watching is by far the best game in the house!
  • I usually go for a concerts. They put on a pretty good show and most of the time tickets are relatively decent to the general market. Also a good place to people watch until the New York State Fair
  • Great national touring acts at the event center, a full casino, luxury hotel and spa, and Lava Lounge - it's quickly become the premiere entertainment complex in Central NY!
  • Use the valet parking. It is only $5 if you are here for the day and free if you are staying overnight.
  • You have to play Bingo at least once when you come here. Where else can you can pay $20 and have 3 hours of fun. It's a blast. Nothing like church bingo.
  • Every Summer, Seneca Data has its Partner Connect event at Turning Stone. This exclusive event is invite only for Seneca Data's top customers and vendors.
  • Make sure to bring a respirator and be prepared to burn your clothing after you leave; the smell of cigarettes and people wallowing in their own destitute and despair is enough to turn you away.
  • The ghostbusters game is where it is at
  • Everything you could want for a get away...golfing, spa, nightclub, tennis, fitness center, lodge, hotel, tower...concerts, bingo room, comedy venues....Beautiful atmosphere over 20 restaurants!!!
  • cosmic bingo
  • Remember not to head to the ATM more than once. Gambling is a problem for many.
  • bring at least 2 hundred
  • 1st time here its really nice took mad long to get here from Staten island nyc like almost 5 hrs its no Atlantic city but its nice!!!
  • Incredible, one of the best casinos.
  • If you can tolerate the crowds and vagrants, you're a better man than I.
  • Use the valet parking. It is only $5 if you are here for the day and free if you are staying overnight.
  • Come with a set amount of cash and leave ALL your ATM/Credit Cards at home.
  • Play at Vernon Downs. You will actually win something!
  • Stay away from the slots. They are rigged!!

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