The Best Restaurants Inside 20 Different National Parks

Delightful dining can, in fact, be found inside many of America’s National Parks; here are the top picks for 20 parks
The Best Restaurants Inside 20 Different National Parks


Russell's Fireside Dining is the hottest restaurant in Glacier National Park.

With the weather getting warmer (finally!), planning a trip to a United States National Park in your state — or across the country — is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. And with 59 protected areas in America, there are an awful lot of locations to choose from.

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But here’s something to take into consideration: Where do you stay? And more importantly (to us, at least), where will you eat? Sure, parks are really all about hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and climbing — but a few bags of trail mix and a couple of protein bars alone aren’t enough to provide the fuel for this type of physical activity, so you’ll need some options that provide more energy.

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Plus, this is vacation, so you should be able to appreciate nature while also dining at high quality restaurants, especially when many sustainably gather their ingredients from the very region you are visiting.


If you’re like us, you’ll want the best food with the least amount of travel, so on your next trip to a national park, consider one of these 20 restaurants located within the parks.