12 Most Ridiculous Beer Names

Alimony Ale, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Apparently first brewed in 1987 for a local customer going through a divorce, this "irreconcilably different" IPA is, as you might expect, quite bitter (ha!).

Apocalypse Cow, Three Flloyds Brewing

You don't have to be a major film buff to catch the name's clever play on words, but where does the beer's bovine connection come in to play, you might ask? The brewery explains that it uses lactose milk sugar to enhance the malt body of the bold double IPA.

Hairy Eyeball, Lagunitas Brewing Company

While it makes for a rather unpalatable name for a beer, "hairy eyeball" is actually another way of saying "dirty look" or "the stink eye." (Kind of like what you might give someone trying to snag this tasty brew away from you.)

Moose Drool Brown Ale, Big Sky Brewing

Moose drool? Must be inspired by the way the brown ale’s foamy head spills over the pint glass. Also amusing are the names of some of the Montana brewery's other nature-inspired beers: Scape Goat (a pale ale) and Trout Slayer Ale, for example.

Old Engine Oil, Harviestoun

The name may be an apt description of the Scottish craft brewery’s thick, rich, dark beer, but somehow the mental image leaves something to be desired. But don’t let that pose too much of a road block — this old engine oil is a multiple-award-winner.

Polygamy Porter, Wasatch Beers

If the name alone of this beer doesn’t crack you up (mind you, the brewery is based in Salt Lake City) the equally clever tagline certainly will: "Why have just one?"

Porkslap Pale Ale, Butternuts Beer & Ale

The name of this cult-favorite farmhouse ale will no doubt pique the interest of any bacon fiend. But it’s the can’s imagery of two portly pigs about to gut slap that really shows off the humor in the name.

Santa’s Butt, Ridgeway Brewing

This seasonal winter porter takes a crack at a little holiday-themed humor by showing a side of Santa most of us would have not seen realized. (Of course, beer enthusiasts will recognize the double entendre: a "butt" is another name for the large barrels brewers used to use to store beer.)

Trashy Blonde, BrewDog

According to the brewery, this is "a titillating, neurotic, peroxide, punk of a pale ale." Of course, you need only imagine yourself at the bar saying, "I’ll have a Trashy Blonde, please," to see the humor in this beer’s moniker.

Wake 'N' Bake, Terrapin Beer Co.

Some would argue the name of Terrapin's coffee oatmeal stout suggests more than just baking cookies.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot, Lagunitas Brewing Company

The name of this beer from the popular California craft brewery sounds like a lot of nonsense until you realize the first letters of each word in its name can create a cheeky acronym.

Yellow Snow IPA, Rogue Ales

According to the brewery, this beer was originally introduced for the 2000 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and is "Rogue’s tribute to winter sports everywhere." Sounds nice right? Perhaps, until you consider the Urban Dictionary definition for the term: "Snow that some sort of animal has 'done its business in' which small children often mistake for lemonade."