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Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
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  • Yellowstone is the worlds oldest national park. Established in 1872, it is nearly 9000 square meters in size, covering parts of three US states. Since 1978, it is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • Hiking Mt. Washburn can give you a close up look at resident bighorn sheep, as well as countless other wildlife sightings. It's a fantastic hike to take for wildlife viewing.
  • Every American should have this destination on their "bucket" list
  • Yellowstone in winter is mighty cold, but the scenery is just So Right. Drop by The Shack in Jackson, Wyoming to grab a new camera to capture the magic.
  • A place to cleanse your soul
  • Words will NEVER nor can they describe the beauty of this place. I can't wait to take my kids there
  • Go for the geological wonders, stay for the amazing wildlife and wilderness experience. But stay on the trail and don't tease the Moose!
  • Old Faithful is about the only place in the park you can get AT&T (Edge) Internet access. Leave a tip if you find other spots to find Internet.
  • For me, this is the best national park. I've been here in summer and winter. Yellowstone never gets old!
  • Bring binoculars or a telescope. @Kirsti - You mean geology can't be denied, right?
  • When leaving Yellowstone, take the Cook city via the BEARTOOTH HIGHWAY. This is one of the most scenic mountain highway routes and Red Lodge is a great town to stop in for a bite to eat or a drink.
  • The first national park, and 98% of it lies within Wyoming's borders. How lucky are we?! An American icon -- and one that we love to talk about in our magazine and on our blog!
  • A great park to visit with all kinds of activities for the whole family. I'd recommend checking out the geysers at Upper Geyser Basin, especially Grand, Riverside and/or Beehive, if you can catch it.
  • Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces are must sees!
  • Watch for animals and idiot drivers. People who rush through the beauty and splendor have no business being there. Enjoy the majesty that is Yellowstone.
  • Don't put your tongue on any wildlife
  • Old Faithful was quite the sight!
  • What a beautiful place where God's glory shouts from the mountain tops and where God's glory could never be denied!
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Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190
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