3 Cheese Plate Tips for Your Party

Three simple tips that will make your cheese plate perfect

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Make a gorgeous and delicious cheese plate for your guests.

cheese plate is sort of a magical party component. No matter what people’s dietary preferences are, people flock to the cheese plate. It not only is a delicious party dish, it makes your event feel more sophisticated... especially when expertly constructed. To become an expert cheese plate organizer, just follow these simple tips:

Know Your Audience

Make sure when you are selecting cheeses that they not only play well together, they play well with your guests, too! A rhyme Design Mom’s Lindsey Johnson taught herself helps her create a great cheese plate: “Something old, something new, something goat, and something blue.”

Put simply, she chose aged cheese, creamy cheese, familiar goat cheese, and a blue cheese for a delightfully diverse plate.

Something Sweet and Savory

Don’t forget to pair fruits like grapes and salty, savory meats like jamón for delicious additions to your cheese plate.

A Little Slate Goes a Long Way

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A slate cheese board can not only aid in creating a gorgeous tablescape spread, it can make for easy presentation. Just chalk in the cheese names and poof — no more mysterious cheese!