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375 18th St NW (at State St NW)
Atlanta, GA 30363
(678) 954-4265
Big Box Store
Mon–Sat: 8:00 AM–11:00 PM Sun: 8:00 AM–10:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • The best place to shop!!!
  • Beware of ghosts. People used to die here when it was Atlantic Steel.
  • Take a load off ~ Use the cart escalator to transport your stuff back down to the parking lot! Quite cool and unique!
  • Protect your car by not parking in the sun like an idiot. There's plenty of covered parking available.
  • Cleanest, nicest target in the city. Ample parking
  • Best time to shop is between 8 am and 10 am. No lines and the staff is very courteous and helpful.
  • Go at night and sit in the Starbucks cafe for a great view of the midtown skyline.
  • If you don't see anyone at the snack bar, don't be alarmed... This is the norm. Just yell.. They'll come.
  • I love this pharmacy: prompt, friendly and accurate. In particular, Valerie, the Pharmacist, is wonderful and always remembers my name.
  • Great Target! Never crowded and always has what I need
  • Slighter cheaper prices than the Buckhead Targets.
  • The new fresh grocery section is wonderful.
  • Everytime I shop there I found what I was looking for. Sometimes the lines were long. But its worth the wait, cuase there is normally some eye candy in line or nearby while you wait. ;)
  • Lots of great holiday sales, especially on clothes
  • Very helpful sales associates... Like Cameron n DVD's and books... Cute as well. :)
  • Saturday night is tennie bopper haven, you've been warned!
  • jesus spoke to me on aisle five
  • I'm addicted to this store!!!!! Yes I'm a cure needed. I feel like flash mobbing when I come in this store. They have groceries!!! I the cart escalator!!!
  • Dont ask the electronics people anything !!! They ARE FUCKING STUPID AS HELL!!! @target #poorhelp #badcustomerservice
  • I can't agree more about the praise for the pharmacy staff at this Target. They are the best. This Target in general is usually well stocked ans taken care of.