Taos Pueblo

120 Veterans Hwy
Taos Pueblo, NM


  • The sacred Tiwa Taco's with sacred fry bread are delicious. They'd better be, for a sacred 8 dollars.
  • Don't even think about paying a ridiculous $6 (+ tax) for taking pictures with your cell phone. Just take pictures anyway.
  • A UNESCO world heritage site and steep admission $16. Venture if you'd like to see merchants making their crafts. Enjoy the guided tours and the surrounding beauty. Bring comfortable closed shoes.
  • Interesting, but I'm not sure the $16 admission fee is worth the 20 minute guided tour.
  • Staff is very impolite. Place is not nearly as interesting as the tourist info makes it sound. I suggest you pass. We did.
  • Incredible place filled with history in a starkly beautiful setting. Take the tour and behave yourself, you arent just in someones home but on ancient sacred ground.
  • I enjoyed the small tour. Meeting the residents was awesome!
  • Take advantage of knowledgeable native tour guides. Be respectful of the people who live here.
  • Interesting place, please be respectful folks.
  • Many pueblo art pieces for sale and the price is pretty reasonable
  • A must see in Taos
  • UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Really a lovelly place to see mud architecture and unique culture. Sample its baked bread, pricy but quite good.
  • Definitely a MUST-SEE in Taos!!!
  • Beautiful architecture, great deals on art & jewelry because you're usually buying directly from the artist or their relative. The tours are very informative & give a perspective we lack in US history
  • Wonderful historic and cultural site! The tours are really great and informative!
  • Closed until the end of April. Check the website for opening dates.
  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site! Very interesting culture.
  • Really enjoyed our visit to Taos pueblo and shopping for jewelry and pottery. You get to meet the artisans and the pueblo people and the prices were excellent.
  • Go on the guided tour. On mine an old lady asked a ton of inappropriate questions but our guide, Bringing Flowers, took it like a champ and helped us all learn a lot.
  • Oldest inhabited place on this continent!

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