Tang Yuen

Desserts, Food Truck
Jalan Magazine
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang 10300


  • They selling tang yuan since my parent era, if u feel cold in this raining season, come and have a Ginger Tang Yuan!!!
  • Closed on every Wednesday and Sunday.. :)
  • Add 60cents for extra soup
  • Ginger soup with peanut Tang Yuen is best in the world
  • The best dumplings in Penang !!
  • One of the best dumplings/ soup type in Penang. Only available at nite.
  • still yummy till today
  • To be honest, the tang yuen is a bit big. Although is it bang for your bucks, but it is too much. Overkill.
  • A bit expensive Tong Yuen but it is the only one you can found in Penang. I order one peanut and one sesame flavor. Cost me RM4.20.
  • The ginger soup is sweetened with brown sugar. Tang Yuen no sugar in Colour less ginger soup is possible.
  • The strong smell of ginger and crowd lure us from across the road. Great spot to enjoy some old school tang yuen dessert.
  • Local favourite tang yuen !! Please stop mention it's Hong Kong style tong yuen !! It's been here for ages 100% penangite delight
  • ginger soup tang yuan is nice..rm4 per bowl
  • not bad..the ginger soup peanut tang yuan is nice..around rm4 per bowl..
  • Blady expensive. Two bowls like this is MYR 12 !
  • deliciouse
  • Tang yuan (mochi) texture is very smooth, it is freshly made on the spot. Pair it with clear ginger broth with reduced syrup and you get a dessert that's to-die-for!
  • Taste just so so.. But 2 big balls with some sesame and peanut filling price in RM3.70.. What say you..
  • Brown sugar based sweet soup!
  • Try Peanut Tang Yuan is Awesome

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