Sweet Technique: Chocolate Ganache

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Sweet Technique: Chocolate Ganache


By Jenny McCoy—Chef Instructor, School of Pastry & Baking Arts


Ganache—which calls for only two ingredients, heavy cream and bittersweet chocolate—is one of the easiest and most fundamental recipes in a pastry chef’s repertoire. Chop chocolate finely, add hot heavy cream, mix them together and voilà, you’re done! While the concept for ganache is quite simple, there are a few basic principles you should know. Once mastered, you’ll find that the uses for ganache are nearly endless, providing plenty of room for creativity in the kitchen!

ganache duo

The Golden Ratios


The ratios listed below are for bittersweet chocolate, not for milk or white chocolate. Milk and white chocolate have a lot of added sugar and/or milk, which means they react in an entirely different way.

  • For a chocolate sauce or a pourable glaze, use one part chocolate to two parts heavy cream.
  • For a thicker cake glaze or a whipped cake filling, combine equal parts chocolate and cream.
  • For a very thick ganache that you could scoop for chocolate truffles, combine two parts chocolate to one part heavy cream.

Read on for more of Chef Jenny's professional ganache tips.