Swap Shop Drive-In Theater

Movie Theater, Flea Market, Cineplex
3291 W Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
(954) 791-7927


  • Come in, pay for one movie stay for as many as you like. With regular movie theaters charging $12+ this place is hard to beat!
  • TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Especially if you know the movie is going to be dark) Only turn your lights on for the food carts! Thank you, The Mayor :)
  • Cum, smoke a blunt, watch a movie eat munchie. Perfect date night
  • Bring your own snacks to save a couple more $$. Grab a tall drink, a decent size of chip, and something sweet. ENJOY!
  • Cash only. Wanted to let you know before you wait in line since The Swap Shop doesn't bother to tell you.
  • Sunday news paper has a coupon for $1 movie ticket on Weds. ;-) check LifeStyle section.....
  • The best (and biggest) drive-in in the country! I love this place, could see a couple movies a night. They sell food, beer, even ciggs!
  • Perfect spot for those who want to shop, play and see a movie all in one place.
  • For those who love the Drive-In @Swap shop, Mountain Dew cans are having a promotion deal for either free preferred parking or one free movie ticket. Offer expires 9/30/14
  • You can drink at the movies.... Need I say more?
  • Awesome place!!! It's definitely a different experience! Even better when it's pouring and lighting and you can be cozy watching the movie from your car! the sound is also very good!
  • Every Wednesday night half off!! Only $3.50, you can't beat that.
  • Awesome place for an intimate date/alone time with your other half. Bring some wine and things to snack on and you won't regret it. Enjoy !
  • Y'all gotta tighten up. Movie times never match the online postings buy I still love drive ins soooo *shrugs*
  • If you go to one film early, pay for the later showing and watch whatever is playing before. I did so when I saw We're The Millers after seeing 2 Guns
  • Check it out! Bjs in the backseat and everything!
  • Don't get lost in the parking lot!
  • Best drive in ever. Pull out some chairs bring some food and just chill. Be careful not to fall asleep..... It's so easy to do!!!!
  • Screen 7 sounds horrible.
  • Love the flea market by day and drive-in movies at night that you actually want to see. Great place to go when you can't think of anything to do.

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