Sustainable Chick News | June Farm To Table Trends

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Sustainable Chick News | June Farm To Table Trends

Summer is nearly here, the earth is warm and welcoming!  Now is the time to harvest the early bounty, work on summer home improvements, enjoy the sunshine and plan your fall garden.

If you are a Sustainable Chick, it’s also time to catch up on what’s new and innovative in the farm to table movement.  This month we have updates on how to spot fake farm-to-table foods, wine-to-table trends and everything you need to know about coconuts!  Read on!

What’s On Our June Bookshelf:

Sustainable Chick News | June Farm To Table Trends


June Farm to Table Trends:

U.S. wine changed forever 40 years ago, but not just at a blind tasting in Paris  How farm to table initiatives continue to change the wine industry

Bike-Powered Farming Program Turns Lawns Into Urban Farms  Fleet Farming, a bike-powered, all-volunteer team of farmers in Orlando, Florida is turning wasteful, water-hogging lawns into mini urban farms to help boost local food production.

At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants,you’re being fed fiction  Enlightening and thought-provoking article on whether farm-to-table restaurants are selling truth or fiction

How to tell if your ‘local’ food is actually local  Fantastic information you need on how to distinguish real from fake “farm-to-table” food at restaurants and grocers

Corn Whisperers  Interesting read on chefs grinding corn for grits, for polenta, for masa to fashion into tortillas while helping to preserve the 59 heirloom varieties grown in Mexico and the small family farms.

Best and Worst Cities for Staycations  As we try to keep our travel eco-footprint low, where are the best staycations spots?

Cracking The Coconut Guide to the paleo movement’s favorite fat

How to Host a Farm to Table Meal Experience the magic of gathering people together and sharing seasonal food.


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