Food Truck
Minneapolis, MN 55402



Want to consume the best of sushi secrets? Grab a meal from Sushi Fix, where everything is crafted with the utmost care and dedication. Think years of practice scaling fish, to ensure proper sushi cutting; a commitment to the freshest local ingredients, and "washing sushi rice until finger tips don’t feel." After working at multiple sushi bars and Japanese restaurants, the friends behind this hit decided to put their expert knowledge to the ultimate test and see if they could create a successful food truck. Victory! — Nina Fomufod, 11/13/2012


Twitter Handle:@SushiFix
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  • We approve!
  • Seems that no one in town will serve you nigiri bigger than your thumb. Sushi Fix gives you ample servings, rice is tastier than anywhere I've tried, fish is always good, + the ponzu sauce kicks ass.
  • Fish is flown from Japan while you were sleeping!
  • The 2-14 roll is a must try signature roll #soGOOD
  • If you can name a better sushi place in town I will eat there every day. Before Sushi Fix I thought I was over sushi in Minneapolis.
  • I love their Chirashi sushi. The sushi rice tastes like my Japanese family's sushi rice from childhood.