Sushi Zo

Sushi, Japanese
$ $ $ $
9824 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 842-3977

Buried in a discussion between former New York Times critic Frank Bruni and the world's most famous chef, Ferran Adrià, at the New York City Wine & Food Festival in September was a culinary riddle wrapped in nori somewhere in between the 101 and the 10. Adrià contended that the world's best sushi was in Los Angeles at a place whose name he had forgotten, but that he'd visited with his friend chef José Andrés. Andrés couldn't remember the name, but his assistant suggested it might be Sushi Zo, a small place in a strip mall next to a taco joint.

Sounds like something to be skeptical of. But a visit in October made the case that if strip malls across America are serving that kind of sushi, there's more to Americana than meets the eye. Fine, maybe you shouldn't expect to find high quality sushi next to Red Lobster's along I-40 across the U.S., but when you go to Sushi Zo, expect course after course of fresh, expertly cut, beautifully presented sushi.



  • High quality sushi capatalizing on that whole umami taste bud thriller thing, slightly more experimental than other hard core sushi spots. All together now, We'll have the omakase. [Eater 38 Member]
  • Some of the best Sushi in LA. Let the chef do his thing, and order the Omakase (Chef's Choice)
  • Try the Seared Butterfish Nigiri - Served w/ fantastic sauce.Excellent sushi!
  • Sushi Chef Keizo is a rockstar. Go for the Omakase (Chefs choice) & eat whatever is brought to you, however you are told to eat it. Absolutely excellent & unique. Totally worth denting your wallet.
  • Best Sushi in town. "No soy sauce!"
  • Everybody around me told that this Place is great! For me I'll say just OK..
  • "Every time I go here for lunch with my team, we are blown away by the quality of the fish, as well as how perfect the rice is." Chef Joseph Elevado
  • Just show up (with reservation), order a beer/sake, and enjoy 2.5 hours of omakase.
  • Comparable with Sushi Nakazawa in NYC. Both the best Sushi I've ever had
  • Pay respect to tradition; eat the nigiri with you hands. They may serve you more than the fixed menu they did for us.
  • Look no further, best sushi restaurant in LA. (That I've tried) Just wonderfull.
  • My favourite sushi spot in LA
  • They have a course only - gives u 22 different dishes including sushi n appetizers. Unbelievable fish quality n many from Japan. One of the best in LA!! Try!
  • Authentic, thoughtfully prepared sushi served the way its meant to: spiced or sauced according to the fish and cut (oyster with ponzu, black snapper with truffle salt, halibut with salt and lemon).
  • Sushi Zo might be simple, spartan, and minimal in decor, but the pristine fish served as sashimi and nigiri is anything but. The prices can ratchet up with rare and unique cuts of fish.
  • Go with the knowledge that every bite being something better than the last, dont question just enjoy the best that LA has to offer...
  • Don't get confused by the strip mall location. Most amazing Sushi. Probably one of the best in the country.
  • come for sweet shrimp, spanish mackerel, blue crab hand roll, monkfish liver!!!!
  • nothing bougie bout this place except for the the check - great sashimi/sushi tho
  • Be ready to break the bank for the best purist sushi omakase in town. Make an early reservation to enjoy everything Keizo-san has to offer. They do run out of fish as the night progresses!

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