Sundae School

Ice Cream, Desserts
387 Lower County Rd
Dennis Port, MA 02639
(508) 394-9122



  • Come during the week, the lines are shorter!
  • RazOreo allllll the way!
  • Raz-Oreo!!! DEFINITELY! Oreo chunks and black raspberry ice cream
  • raz-oreo and grasshopper are the best flavors!!
  • best ice cream on Mid-Cape
  • the mecca of homemade ice cream shops on Cape Cod
  • Raz-Oreo is the best flavor on the FAR! And get the hot fudge sundae!
  • They make this flavor - chocolate with chocolate covered pretzels in it. Not always available, but worth trying
  • Grasshopper is yummy yummy
  • Razoreo all the way!
  • Definitely get the Shark Tooth ice cream
  • Sharks tooth is the best flavor there
  • Best on the Cape
  • Best ice cream mid-cape. Milky Way and Raz-Oreo and Grashopper are family favorites :)
  • Milkyway and Raz-Oreo are the perfect combo ;)
  • Don't let the long lines scare you. It moves quickly.
  • Raz-Oreo <------> instagram ---> Jlazz447
  • The ice cream is cold. On a hot day, nothing is better!!!
  • Sharks tooth is yummy!
  • Try the fresh blueberry sundae while it's available!

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