Summertime Staple: 5 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Corn

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Summertime Staple: 5 Fresh Ways to Enjoy Corn

Can’t keep your hands off corn? We get it. It’s even harder to pick a favorite way to eat it — grilled, popped, baked or boiled. How is it possible we’ve discovered so many amazing ways to enjoy this bright yellow veggie? We’ve had 10,000 years to tinker with new corn dishes since the indigenous people of Mexico first domesticated maize, more commonly known as corn.

A summertime favorite at barbecues, picnics and street fairs, corn boldly holds its own in all different ways, shapes and forms. Check out these 5 different preparations to make your  summer that much sweeter.

1. On the Cob
Chicago - Mana Food Bar - Vegan %2F Vegetarian - Vegetables - Baja Corn

Photo provided by Mana Food Bar.

The Baja Corn at Mana Food Bar in Chicago is a sure-fire way to spice up a simply delicious corn on the cob, with butter and a kick of chili lime salt.

corn dishes

Photo provided by Toro.

In NYC, savor the flavor of Spanish spot Toro’s Maiz Asado Con Alioli y Queso Cotija, which means made with alioli, lime, espelette and aged cheese.

corn dishes

Photo provided by EsCaLA.

Fully coated in zesty spices, the Roasted Corn On The Cobb at Korean restaurant EsCaLA in LA is made with queso cotíja and crema.

2. Baked into Bread
corn dishes

Photo provided by Preux & Proper.

A true Southern treat, the Cast Iron Cornbread at Preux & Proper in LA is topped with brown butter, blueberries and lemon curd ice cream.

Corn Dishes

Photo provided by Town Hall.

Heat up a summer night in San Francisco with a side of Warm Jalapeño Cornbread from Town Hall.

3. Popped
corn dishes

Photo provided by Forbidden Root.

Adding a flavorful punch to the bar snack favorite, Forbidden Root in Chicago serves up a bowl of Gochugaru Chili Popcorn to sit back and enjoy with a botanic brew.

corn dishes

Photo provided by A-Frame. Photo by Eric Shin.

Make a date for something sweet and spicy at A-Frame  in LA, with its Furikake Kettle Corn — a mix of corn pops, chili flakes, chives and butter.

corn dishes

Photo provided by backbar.

A classic snack is made all the better at backbar in Boston with its Spiced Caramel Popcorn — a buttery, sweet taste with a hint of heat.

4. Flattened and Paired with Flavors
corn dishes

Photo provided by Olé.

With endless uses for tortillas, Olé in Boston gives us every reason to appreciate these flat and foldable corn-based bites.

corn dishes

Photo provided by El Toro Blanco.

As crunchy vessels of salted goodness, corn tortilla chips are the perfect way to dip into all sorts of flavors at El Toro Blanco in NYC.

corn dishes

Photo provided by Playa.

Wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla, the Enchiladas De Mole Rojo at Playa in Mill Valley are fully loaded with savory beef cheeks, charred avocado, queso fresco, orange and spiced pepitas.

5. In Anything and Everything
corn dishes

Photo provided by Kapnos. Photo by Greg Powers.

Greek restaurant Kapnos in DC mixes up a mean fava mezze which includes yellow lentils, corn and haricots verts (green beans).

corn dishes

Photo provided by The Buffalo Club.

A healthy dose of delicious lentils is made all the better at The Buffalo Club in LA with its Lentil Cake topped with tomatillo and sweet corn.

corn dishes

Photo provided by Graffiato. Photo by Greg Powers.

Add sweet notes to a savory dish with a plate of Sweet Corn Agnolotti (a type of pasta made from flattened dough) at Graffiato in DC, made with chanterelles, pine nuts, parmesan, chives.

corn dishes

Photo provided by Kingsley.

A creamy and savory way to enjoy corn is at Kingsley in NYC, where the Chawanmushi with egg dashi custard, king crab, gooseberries, shishito peppers and sweet corn will satisfy more than just your corn craving.

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