A Summer Reading List for Chefs

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A Summer Reading List for Chefs


By Michael Laiskonis—Creative Director


I’ve always believed that the relaxed pace of summer presents the perfect time to gather a list of reading material—both to recharge our batteries with fresh ideas and bone up on basic technique. I recently surveyed my own bookshelves, as well as the carefully curated collection at Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York City, to create a list of the volumes I’ll be reading (or re-reading) this summer. It’s a diverse selection that offers something for everyone, from culinary students to working chefs—and even enthusiastic home cooks!

Reading List for Chefs

Letters to a Young Chef—Daniel Boulud
Perhaps more than anyone, Daniel Boulud’s career is synonymous with the notion of mentorship. His legacy (the chefs who have worked their way through his kitchens) makes up a significant part of the current generation of culinary leaders in New York and around the world. Letters to a Young Chef recounts stories from Daniel’s own apprenticeships, and his experiences are immediately relatable to anyone with the passion and drive to cook at the highest level.