Steamed Dumplings Restaurant

Dumplings, Chinese
641 Jianguo W Rd | 建国西路641号 (Gao'an Rd | 高安路)
Xuhui, 上海市
+86 21 6473 5648


  • Need to write another tip: old family were much better. New one clearly murdered them and made them into xlb and malatang. So ma
  • great Xialongbao!!
  • Homemade dumpling is fantastic with its special recipe including foie gras, truffle, pork & crab! The 'Shepherd's purse' dumpling is probably the top pick for veggies. They really got sth different.
  • Worst Ma La Tang I've ever had. It's neither spicy or numbing, but BITTER. The soup tastes like medicine. Xiaolongbao are not bad but not exceptional either.
  • The location on foursquare map is wrong! It's actually on Gao'an Rd!
  • Xiaolongbao
  • The best xiaolongbao.
  • Glass noodles soup with a great dose of coagulated pigs blood cubes.
  • 8yuan for one long. Awesome!
  • Hole in the wall with tasty soup dumplings, xialongbao.
  • Amazing XLB... Haven't tried the Ma La Tang, but I'm told its very good (if you can handle super-spicy).
  • Oh my goodness. The Xiaolongbao here must be the best I've ever had in my 6 years in Shanghai. Am here at 8.20am & very happy.
  • Really ma malatang and famous nostalgic xiaolongbao
  • One of the best street food place !
  • Great everything! Open late too, almost 3am
  • Delicious tangbao, esp. the one with crab meat. The shepherds purse () is not vegetarian. It is mixed with meat. The shopkeepers are loud af, just have to accept the noise as you eat your XLB.