Steam Vents

Scenic Lookout
Volcano, HI 96785


  • Be careful with the bars near the vents they get hot. Walk over to the viewing area to the volcano.
  • Don't throw coins and trash on the vents. There is no need for that. The steam vents look more impressive from a distance rather than up close.
  • Ohh steam. Not that great. Walk across the road and see the sulphur vents. They may smell but they are much more interesting.
  • Take the path thru the vents you see and get to the overlook for the crater.
  • Drive by. Don't stop.
  • The steam vents are awesome
  • If you are short on time, just skip these. Not that impressive.
  • Follow all the way to the left, you will come upon some you can actually see the opening the gas is coming from.
  • If you are going to drop your glasses into the Klauea Steam Vents, be sure there is somebody nearby with a fishing pole!

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