Coffee Shop, Café
5100 N. 9th Ave. (at Cordova Mall)
Pensacola, FL
(850) 473-8861


  • I love this Starbucks! Everyone here is super friendly!!!
  • Lemon bars are good
  • Good place
  • If you like Starbucks Coffee 16oz for $ 9.95 right now you pay $8.99 for 11 oz in most other Stores.
  • Very friendly people
  • This is the life, the only thing that could make OT better is to have the BFF with me
  • I'm pretty sure they forgot to add the sugar in my iced coffee so that was super lame :(
  • Always packed. Too long of a line. It would probably be faster to go to one of the ones by the mall. Great decor though!

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