Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (P4.01.00 & E4.01.00, Level 4)
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 55100
+60 3-2118 8833


  • U need to line up for a freaking long queue just becoz of 10bucks ice.
  • Try the hot snowflake, let it be and shall become layer jelly while get cold
  • Sea Amber Jelly + Barley ROX
  • What u guys out there really need to check this out, the "Soya Ice Series" with green beans, lotus... Its awwwesome :3
  • When your UFO lights up, It's Dessert Time!
  • Taroball series is the best in Snow Flake...
  • long Q everytime in pavilion
  • The jelly ice no taste~><
  • the quality stil the same...GOOD!
  • Pearl milk tea is damn awesome! Amount of sweetness & milk just right, pearls aren't too soft or too hard.
  • Must try Best seller hot and cold !!
  • Dun come too early. They nd time to prepare.=.=
  • So marvellouss!
  • You must try everything on the menu.
  • Bestseller, black sesame and green tea. Awesome
  • My favourite ice dessert chain! They have new item in the menu. Mango Deluxe. Serving is huge and good for 2 - 3. Mango is very sweet and flesh. Goes well with the icecream, jelly and also others.
  • The desserts in Snowflake are getting more expensive. And the loyalty card that used to be valid for 1 year is now valid for 6 months only. :-(
  • Mango sensation is the best in snowflakes!!
  • The Taro Ball Cold series. Been a while since I've eaten here since it renovation....
  • Ze best!!! Much better than meet fresh and blackball. Love taroball series set 4! :)

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