Singapore City Gallery

Art Gallery
45 Maxwell Road
Singapore, 069118
+65 6321 8321


  • Brilliant place anyone with an interest in architecture, urban design or Singapore as a city. A wealth of innovatively presented information about Singapore's past, present and future. Hidden gem.
  • Too many touch screens :(
  • The most remarkable and structurally perfect place ever! The best view for 3d table stand light presentation is from the 2d floor! Must visit!!
  • Interactive exhibition
  • Make all Singaporean proud....
  • Good for an interesting introduction of Singapore
  • Great free museum about the history, design and future plans for Singapore.
  • Come to see how incredible the city is planning and constructing
  • The place to see future of urban landscape of this city state.
  • !!!!
  • Goooooooooo
  • Singapore City Gallery at the URA Centre.
  • Cool place to eat.. Not so crowded.. Good Western Food.. Two thumbs up for the service coz we always have freebies!!!
  • This place is so cool and interractive!!!
  • Gallery showcases Singapores dramatic transformation over the past 50 years, to become one of the most liveable cities in Asia. Source: website

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