Silverwood Theme Park

Theme Park
27843 N Highway 95 (E. Bunco Rd)
Athol, ID 83801


  • Don't miss Tremors! And the Timber Terror makes this tater tremble - a classic WILD ride!
  • The small ice cream scoops at the ice cream parlor are huge and not too expensive. Get one of those as a substitute for the expensive amusement park food!
  • The roller coaster lines are shortest during the hottest part of day. All the other peeps are in the water park.
  • The wave pool on the right is better than the left.
  • Check out ParrotFX in the Theater of Illusions this year, 2012!
  • They do NOT skimp on the ice cream cones. A single scoop was plenty for me and I usually load up! Also water fountains are SO gloriously cold. Just refill your water bottle all day.
  • Silverwood Is A Great Small Summer Family Vacation!! It's ALWAYS Adding NEW Rides!! I Love Garfield!!!!
  • The lines for the coasters move like molasses. The sliders at Boulder Beach are good. The all-u-can-eat BBQ isn't worth $16 IMO.
  • Ride The Rides
  • If you go to the park after 5 p.m., the entrance fee is only $22 compared to $43 (both prices rounded) for adults! Sorry, didn't look at the kid prices.
  • Do all the roller coasters!!
  • Scarywood Theme Park Haunted Nights
  • Best lunch value: chili cheese fries
  • Tremors was by far the best amusement ride there. Plus you could buy a soda and get free refills the whole day. The wave pool in boulder beach was also amazingly fun! I recommend it!
  • Great place to get fun family pictures done with all the fun places to shoot.
  • Boulder beach is always a fav but i really love doing other things like the magic show, old fasion pics, have to get an ice cream & of coursethe must have funnel cake. & love the shops & saloon
  • If you go, the refillable drink container is a great deal the day you buy it and cheap to fill any days you go later.
  • There is something for everyone here. I loved this theme park.
  • Scarywood is really fun! One if the roller coasters runs backwards!
  • Went to scarywood it was so much fun would totally recommend going here

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