Should You Outsource Your Accounting?


Should You Outsource Your Accounting?

Should You Outsource Your Accounting?

(  “No one ever goes to a restaurant because they have good accounting practices,” states Michael Viola, founder of PURE Restaurant Solutions, an accounting firm dedicated specifically for the food service business. “It is the food and customer experience that bring customers in and bring them back.” Yet, without solid accounting procedures and a good handle on restaurant finances, a restaurant owner can find themselves with an operation that isn’t making money or cannot afford to stay open. One potential option for busy restaurateurs is to outsource their accounting function.

“Operators in restaurants, typically the more successful ones, didn’t make their name by being accountants in the back office of their restaurants. They became really good at customer service, the guest experience and the menu mix.” says Michael Viola. “They really need an active, strategic business partner to help them grow, manage their cash and make good decisions.” Michael has been in the restaurant industry for more than 13 years. His goal of bringing industry best practices to the independent restaurants and franchisee helps him deliver value-added and meaningful analysis of a restaurant’s performance and financial health.  PURE delivers a weekly flash report as well as month-end financial package. PURE will also sit with the owner to help interpret the financials, review performance and analyze trends.

PURE’s tagline of “You handle the food. We handle the finances” helps bring clarity and accountability to restaurants and itself. By giving operators the time they need to be successful in the front of the house allows PURE to take care of the back office – payroll for the employees, payables to vendors, reporting and the other matters of a restaurant’s accounting function.

“Restaurants are pretty much like a clock that doesn’t stop ticking.”

You can hear more about restaurant account practices from Michael in his Foodservice Radio™ interview on air at or listen to the podcast at

About PURE Restaurant Solutions

PURE Restaurant Solutions is based in Orange County, California. It was founded by Michael Viola. Michael is a “Big-4” CPA with over 13 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. He also has an MBA degree. Michael has worked with several restaurant concepts locally and nationwide as an auditor, analyst, controller and CFO. His work in the industry has covered fine dining, quick service and everything in between.  He is passionate about restaurants.


PURE can be contacted online ( or via phone (844-980-7873).