Supermarket, Pharmacy, Grocery Store
29 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 271-2711


  • Did you know that this store recycles plastic bags? Bring yours back here to eliminate waste!
  • Buy cake decorations, eat them
  • Avoid peak shopping times. Noonish until 3 on weekdays is ideal, all other times are a terrible experience.
  • the best hot food a supermarket could have
  • Best grocery prices in the area by far.
  • Best prices. Longest lines, 24/7.
  • Drive the parking lot not the washboard street!
  • They moved things around! The water-Goya aisle is swapped with the chip aisle so the chips are in the middle and water is now at the far end of the store. 99cent pans are with the paper towels =0)
  • Lots of flys at the deli today. I know because I've been waiting here for 20mins.
  • Great cheesesteaks
  • Clean, great prices, check out staff friendly
  • The price plus card is a saving in itself.
  • This is the best super market we have in SP. Can't wait until September 1st. It will become my corner store. Buy some new carts though, it'll make everyone's experience a lot better.
  • They have the best produce!
  • Great prices and sales.
  • Yummy coleslaw
  • I love this store very much. My only gripe is that the carts are always full of trash, if there are any. 4 cart attendants doing a whole lot of nothing makes me sad.
  • Grab a weekly transpass here no hassle come Monday morning
  • So relaxing Shopping on a Tuesday
  • Less sticker shock than at other grocery stores in the area

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