Gas Station, Fast Food, Convenience Store
100 Ohio River Blvd (Logan Ln.)
Baden, PA 15005
(724) 869-3930


  • People suck at driving in the parking lot
  • The fish they offer is better than Long John Silver's!!!
  • People in Pennsyltucky aren't housebroken, I swear. There's shit everywhere but in the toilet, in both stalls. D:
  • Pepperoni rolls are the bees knees lol :) yummmm
  • Check your order before you leave they don't forget something that is free they forget what you pay a extra 60 cents for gezzzzz pay attention people
  • The car wash line should have an estimated time to wait from this point sign...honestly.
  • first off the food is crappy, and you hardly get the little 3cents off gas even if they scan the card, only because they dont want to hire new and fresh people !!!
  • Best fries ever
  • Nice day to sit outside & enjoy people watching!
  • Gasoline just went up to $3.85 a Gallon today :((
  • I'm down with sheets. Live the new semi automated coffee experience. Shmuffins= fire as usual. Drunken heartburn food for life! FTw. ( I'm not driving of course) the fuzz is bored andreadytofukurdayup
  • Mmmmm Harvest Spice Cappuccino.
  • Kitchen is open again. Lots of wasted money later and sheetz looks like the moon sheetz
  • Who is Uncle Crappy?
  • Liquid Z Blue Ice energy drink. AMAZING
  • Any sandwich on a pretzels is win
  • It's just another gas station. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not special, it offers nothing different, it's just a gas station.

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