Shanghai Zoo (上海动物园)

2381 Hongqiao Rd | 虹桥路2381号
Changning, 上海市
+86 21 6268 7775


  • This is a depressing zoo. All the animals are dirty and not very well taken care of. The people throw trash and food at all the animals and the cages are filthy. If you love animals avoid this place.
  • One of the saddest zoos I've ever been to. I've lived in Shanghai for 14+ years now and have only gone 2x, once with a tourist. Also, the people disregard all signs + have no respect for the animals.
  • Better go here not on the weekend, so there won't be many people. Be careful of birds sitting above ur head) And enjoy this zoo, it's really beautiful. Animals are well-cared and look very nice.
  • The Giant Pandas are awesome. Be prepared for a lot of people though. The Red Pandas are also good to see.
  • This place is depressing because the animals all look depressing. They animals are definitely not well taken care of and the real animals are the people throwing bottles at them.
  • Quite depressing zoo, elephants almost made me cry. If you love animals don't come here!
  • . .... , .... !!!
  • Won't miss the pandas everytime I go
  • Have a picnic there
  • Good place to see animals. But the distance from every animal habitat/ cage is quite far...
  • I saw four panda at this week. so cute!
  • Family tour
  • A much better zoo than youd think possible so close to downtown!
  • Much too crowded on weekends.
  • viter! C'est sale et douloureux de voir les animaux vivre dans ces conditions !!!
  • !!! 5 , !!!! !
  • Cheap zoo. A lot of animals. And, of course, pandas!
  • Animals are dirty, even giant pandas. But you can see cute red panda and foxes here.

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