Schenley Park

Park, Pool, Scenic Lookout


  • Has a decent disc golf course considering it's in the city and space is limited.
  • Lovely place to run, bike, walk, have a picnic.
  • I come here to do alot of deep thinking
  • Great place for a run in the morning. Follow the major roads but dive into the woods and enjoy the many side trails.
  • The best. Walk the panther hollow trail in fall and fall in love with Pittsburgh a little bit more
  • Great park to exercise! So beautiful and peaceful!
  • Nothing wrong with making a lazy day of napping under the shadow of the cathedral.
  • Watch for fledgewatchers looking for the peregrine chicks first flights from the 40th floor of Cathedral of Learning during last week of May and first week of June.
  • Very pretty & comforting scenery.
  • Beautiful park. Gorgeous views over Pittsburgh, in particular at night. Real nice olympic size track and plenty of hard surface tennis courts. Deer is everywhere!
  • Amazing view to watch the sunset!!!
  • We do not recommend using the park as a cut through for your bike route, but it is a beautiful Acadia style place to take a leisurely bike ride.
  • Best picnic spot in Pittsburgh. Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sun set.
  • I love the trails so much!
  • Great to walk and run here! Beautiful park that is so quiet you wouldn't know you are in the middle of a city!
  • It's beautiful
  • A beautiful park with lots of trails and relatively "wild" space. For a nice view of Oakland, visit Flagstaff Hill and maybe catch a movie.
  • Try not to get your toy bamboo airplane stuck in a tree :(
  • Lovely place to walk.
  • Maybe find kordell stewart

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