Saxbys Coffee

Row 1

4000 Locust St (at 40th St)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 222-8400
Coffee Shop
Mon–Sun: 7:00 AM–7:00 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Got an iced soy pumpkin spiced latte.. Tastes like hot dogs? Got a second opinion-- still hot dogs. How does this happen?
  • Perfect place to study! You will never need to leave now that Saxbys UPenn serves made to order breakfast and lunch sandwiches + salads, fresh fruit smoothies + protein and of course great coffee!
  • Worst service ever. Walk up locust street three blocks for two WAY better coffee shops.
  • Stay away, stay far far away, this place blows
  • Don't get the French roast. Blech.
  • Mice running around in here... I mean it is the city but still -_-
  • It greatttt!
  • Just the regular coffee itself is soooo good, which really says something
  • Friendly service. Good steamer drinks (Snicker's is great!). Place was recently renovated, so lots of seating, outlets, and lighting now
  • The new remodel is nice and all but it's more generic than the old shop used to be. Still, good coffee and friendly staff.
  • The renovations are incredible! This space is beautiful, bright, and plentiful. There are many spaces to seat, but the service is also super fast when you're on the go.
  • Best part about saxbys is that they open late
  • Great meeting spot
  • Grab your favorite book and try their French vanilla!
  • Try the British Islander. It's something different. It's nutty in a good way.
  • Really slow service. Only two people in front of me but still had to wait almost five minutes while the cashier mopped the floor before taking orders. And I thought Starbucks was slow...
  • Don't order food if you have any place to be....takes 15 minutes for a breakfast sandwich!!
  • Be prepared to wait quite a while if you want a breakfast sandwich.
  • Lots of seating. The Almond joy iced latte doesn't taste like coconut at all :(
  • I dont care much for the coffee, although I find the coffee pretty good. Im no coffee connoisseur so I maybe off.... I come here to study. And this beats both starbucks locations in U. City.