Russell House

Student Center, Concert Hall
1400 Greene St (at Bull St)
Columbia, SC 29225
(803) 777-3196


  • If you come here between 12-1 be sure to bring a knife to slit your throat.
  • Blackberry lemonade at Einsteins is the shit
  • Gimpzilla is the best cashier
  • This food sucks
  • If you want a burger pr fruit cup Capstone's burgers are 20 cents cheaper and the fruit cups are bigger!
  • Catch Einstein when classes are going on! Otherwise, you'll have a nice, long wait to enjoy...
  • Dining staff is sweet but weird selection...Who eats peach cobbler 4 lunch? Must be a Southern thing.
  • Approach every girl possible to maximize growth potential
  • Best Taco Bell quesadillas ever.
  • Why do I see so many people not getting chicken fingers? CHICKEN FINGER WEDNESDAY WILL BRING YOU HAPPINESS!!!
  • Chicken finger Wednesday is a must.
  • Grilled bacon cheese sandwich is boss
  • Don't waste your time in Horseshoe Deli. They have the worst sandwiches on campus and probably in the world.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the free movies!
  • Dont eat here between noon and 1. Extremely busy and hard to find seats!
  • WARNING TO FRESHMEN: Don't get the fries downstairs; they're nasty. Curly fries are okay :)
  • Don't get over-charged! Water is free in a glass, and 23 in a paper cup.
  • Don't try to read your mail outside. Columbia's gale force winds will blow it all over Greene Street.
  • I recommend going upstairs for food. Everything I've gotten downstairs has been mediocre at best.

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