Rule Breaking Baking

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Rule Breaking Baking


By Stephanie Fraiman—Student, School of Recreational Cooking


To most, the general difference between cooking and baking is that cooking involves tasting, adjusting to your preferences and the ability to follow a recipe loosely; while baking is precise, measured, detailed and must strictly follow that recipe. With this knowledge in hand, I embarked on the seemingly rebellious Rule Breaking Baking: Baking without Measuring class with Chef Melanie Underwood at ICE.

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The premise of the class is to learn to bake the way we cook – and to think independently about measuring or not measuring! Here are the biggest lessons I learned in this class:

  • Think About Seasonality

The key is to think about the flavors of what you’re baking before you start – you don’t have to follow the recipe to a “t.” Is it winter and the recipe calls for plums? Then you’re probably going to want to add more sugar to supplement the tart flavor of that out-of-season fruit. But if it’s the middle of August, then you may want to reduce your sugar to account for how ripe and sweet those plums will be.


Read on for more of Stephanie's rule breaking baking tips.