Rover's Restaurant

$ $
2808 E Madison St (at 28th Ave E)
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 325-7442



  • From chef Thierry Rautureau, its simply the finest French cuisine in Seattle, served in a pretty Madison Valley house with creamy walls, polite pastel paintings, and reverent service.
  • Rovers is no drop-in neighborhood joint. But when Rautureau saunters over in that silly hat, his welcome genuine and his smile down-to-earth, it can feel like one.
  • Try the Amuse Bouche
  • Definitely get the Vegetarian option. This was simply a fantastic 5-course affair. They were gracious enough to make me a lovely mocktail too.
  • tues thru sunday for dinner- fri for lunch -www.rovers-seattle.comhome of the Chef In The Hat!!! since 1987
  • Try the Souffle, Profiterole, Pot Au Creme - The last dessert ever at rovers. Closing out the place!
  • Try the Lentils With Peavines - Ok. I can't even begin to describe how good this is. Sad and happy this is the last night for rovers!
  • Try the Pasta With Fresh Duck Egg - Savory and unctuous!
  • Try the Kushi Oyster With Caviar And Dried Mushroom - The flavor of the delicate oyster was incredible!
  • Try the Fennel, Radish, Mint, And Creme - Wow a salad was never like this!
  • Try the Amuse Bouche Of Beignet And Vichyssoise - Lovely. Vegetarian tonight!
  • Try the Orange Souffle - Heavenly!
  • Try the Profiter - Part of trip. Rich and creamy!
  • Try the Chocolate Pot Au Creme - Trio of desserts
  • Try the Muscovy Duck Breast With Duck Egg And Polents - Only a great Bordeaux could stand up to this!
  • Try the Foie Gras With Quail Egg - Amazing! Great with a Sauternes!
  • Try the Black Cod With Stinging Nettle Puree And White Caviar - Omg. Stinging nettle is really difficult here in seattle but what a wonderful flavor. Perfectly done black cod!
  • Try the Roast Venison With Arugula - Wow!
  • Try the Organic Scrambled Eggs - Eggs from darington washington. The egg is taken out whipped and then carefully placed back in as a foam with caviar on top.
  • Try the Salmon