Xalapa Mexican Restaurant

北京市, 北京市


  • Really good Mexican food
  • Real Mexican food... Nice Neighborhood , Delicious Margaritas
  • Buensimo. Para ir todas las semanas
  • I had their chicken quesadilla and enchiladas. Really delicious and with generous portions! There's also a great bar right next door so you can spend the evening in that area.
  • http://i.youku.com/u/UMzE1MzUzODEy/videos
  • Amazing place, the owner is friendly, the service is fast, FOOD IS DELICIOUS, big portion, reasonable price, FREE chips and salsa, lunch/afternoon menu for 30 yuan including a drink! Should I go on?
  • My verdict: Poor customer service and subpar food preparation. 5/10 for china standards 2/10 for global standards
  • Viva Mexico! Finally decent Mexican, and on the west side! Worth the trip!
  • Great! The owner is awesome, taught me some Spanish since I'm studying it.
  • WiFi 62121218
  • Food is nice, good portions. Service is ok. Cocktails are awful and really slow service from the barmen.
  • Absolutely delicious, every dish is really good (I have tried many of the dishes) :)
  • El lugar es un pedacito de Mxico. Men variado y hay agua de horchata!!!!
  • Good mexican food and pisco
  • For a Mexican living in Beijing, this is the best place to remember home
  • It really taste like Mxico big portions and super tasty!!!!
  • Actual Mexican food, no Tex-Mex bull$hit
  • The worst Mexican food I've ever had. Soggy, limp tortillas stuffed with -esque beef and onion, served with bland white rice. If you want the Chinese equivalence of Taco Bell - come here.
  • We gave it a 2nd opportunity..deception as the 1st time. Saggy tortilla, worst tacos al pastor in BJ + the only Mexican beer they have is Corona...certainly not the best option in town for Mexican