UCC Vienna Café

Café, Coffee Shop, Japanese
1/F Design Mix Bldg (59 Connecticut St.)
San Juan, San Juan


  • Sumiyaki coffee will really keep you up, perfect for studying! My favorite dish here is the Seafood Spaghetti Soup, simply heaven ;)
  • The Cliffhanger has become my favorite in this bit-pricey joint. It's basically a clubhouse sandwich gone tempura-breaded french toast. Can be greasy so pressing it between my paper napkin is a must.
  • A restaurant serving coffee or a coffee shop offering meals?? With a pretty huge and diverse menu, it can be a hit-or-miss game at any UCC Vienna Cafe. Menu can be pricey so good luck on food choices!
  • Food here is great
  • Perfect grilled cheese!
  • Service was slow for breakfast hour
  • Don't order the ramen. Really really bad.
  • Cafe affogato for the summer heat!
  • Food and services are good. Very accommodating servers
  • Love their hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! My favorite!! ;)
  • Best seafood salad! It's pricey but if you're spending then this one's worth it.
  • Try the Kori Kohi
  • Try the Blue Mountain Coffee: Its the BEST!! :-)
  • Having good coffee with Leo Imperial.
  • Try the Banana Chocolate Cream Cooler - An okay alternative to the hot coffee choices.
  • try their omurice. it's my first time trying any kind of omurice but this is quite good :)
  • Whether it's Coffee or Tea request for Rock Sugar instead of the usual.
  • "Sumiyaki Eel Spaghetti" Strips of Teriyaki-glazed eel married with silky Bchamel, topped with strips of Umami enhancing bits of Nori && tossed in Pasta.
  • "Sumiyaki Eel Spagetti" strips of teriyaki-glazed eel are married with silky bchamel, topped with strips of umami enhancing bits of nori && tossed in pasta. CLEVER BLEND OF PHENOMENAL EAST AND WEST.

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